Mindful Motivation Walking Stick

Natural Strong Wooden Walking Sticks For Hiking made of Sandalwood. A Mindful Motivation Walking Stick for the rest of your life.

Indian sandalwood is probably one of the most versatile woods out there. The material is regularly used for decorative carvings, added to perfumes, and even mixed in food as a spice. 

Sandalwood has maintained high demand across the globe for years, which pushes up the price. The wood has been the subject of international trade since the 19th century when European traders sold it to Buddhist temples in China.

Also called Santalum album, sandalwood can fetch more than $100 per pound.

You get a Sandalwood Certificate

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Walking Stick Info: Sandalwood is from China. Lengh 135 cm, Ø3. Weight 1.25 kg. The Walking Stick is made in Denmark by Claus Gawin.

Price: 275 EUR + Shipping 40 EUR